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DIY Snow Globes

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It is almost winter, folks and if weather is not reminding you of its approach, we will! Christmas, which associates with winter for most, is also associates with cute snow globes that are always a good present! But, did you know that there are also DIY snow globes?

Handmade Christmas Presents: Snow Globes

Everybody who likes winter and miniature items likes snow globes! But usually they are quite expensive, so making one with your own hands might be an option, because these little things can be excellent handmade christmas presents! For this project you will need: pretty glass jar, decorative items, silver glitter, Liquid glycerine, Clear-drying epoxy and distilled water! Concerning the decorations, it can be any small item that is somehow related to Christmas, a tree is a popular choice, maybe miniature Santa, or bunnies, anything inspirational. Some people even go for jewelery. So, once you have chosen your decor items, one of the simplest ways is to attach your tree (or Santa) to a jar lid with a Clear-drying epoxy (or other glue types) and wait till it is completely dry. Then pour some distilled water, add a bit of liquid glycerin (this would prevent your flakes from falling too soon) and close the lid! Likewise the decorations can be glued on the bottom of the jar, but make sure that you choose the jar where your hand can fit. Enjoy you custom made snow globes!

DIY Snow Globes Inspiratin

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