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DIY Rustic Christmas tree stands

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With just a few days left till the awaited date, we give you more and more of the awesome DIY ideas on bringing the Christmas spirit into your house! Here is an awesome rustic Christmas tree stands that can bring the true rustic Christmas spirit and be handmade!

Handmade Christmas Tree Stands

It is almost the time, and as we count down the days to Christmas Eve, here are some cute ideas to decorate your house with some awesome DIY Christmas tree decorating ideas. One of them is just stealing the scene, it is a tree stand out of an old and forgotten log! So, for this project you will need an old tree stump, which can be found out in the woods, and a drill. As simple as that! So, first you will need to find an old tree stump, then drill a hole out of the stump by the size of the Christmas tree trunk and voila! Instead of spending lots of money for the artificial tree stand, you can make a natural eco-friendly tree stand!
Another idea of making an eco-friendly tree stand is to use old items, that can be found in your garage, or garden shed, practically anywhere were you store the old junk. These are the refreshing and repurposing ideas, of how to incorporate old junk into festive home furnishing!
One of the ideas is to use a usual galvanized tub! Not only it is rustic and cute, it is also pretty functional, because the galvanized tub is big enough to hold water to nourish your tree and nice enough to bring the rustic spirit into Christmas decor. However, if you don’ like to use a galvanized tub, use other pretty container and it can actually be anything. Then, find some decorative fabric, and to follow the idea use some burlap to decorate that container. Alternatively, use some checkered rustic pattern, which is inspiring the rustic atmosphere. Another cute idea is to use an old wicker basket, which can be found in your grandma’s attic, in the throw away stack. Give that old basket a second life, by making it a Christmas tree stand. Enjoy the last days until Christmas, and get crafty to decorate your house in a eco-friendly fashion!


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