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DIY Room Scent Decor

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The recent obsession of scented candles and furnishing decorations is really cute, but has one major problem – it is mostly artificial. If you happen to be one of those who doesn’t like artificially scented decor items, this is a perfect place to learn about DIY alternatives.

Natural Room Scent Jars

Perhaps you already know, that all of the air fresheners and other scented accessories have a lot of harmfull chemical ingridients, which can be really dangerous to people with allergies or asthma. And who would want an artificial air refreshner, if you can make an all natural and nice DIY room scent decorations? So, all you need is to take some patience and think of the perfect scent combinations, that might be really inviting and pleasant to you! Here are some ideas:

  • citrus – Make sure that the scent is persistent, as you want to retain the nice scent as long as you can. As you know, lemons and oranges are particularly fragrant;
  • herbs – like rosemary and thyme, but actually any one that you like will be ok;
  • pine or cedar twigs/needles – no comments needed here;
  • extracts – such as vanilla or almond, mint;
  • spices — such as cinnamon sticks and whole cloves

So once you figured out the idea, it is really simple, but amazingly beautiful! You will need to mix the ingredients in a 2 cup container on the stove top, then cover them with water and heat it. As you know, scents differ a lot, but this simple tutorial is meant to be inspiring, as you can experiment with your own preferences. So, in preparation of the holiday season, lets review the technique with Oranges, cinnamon & cloves. You need to boil the mentioned above ingridients together with some vanilla extract and the trick is to keep the substance warm. One of the ideas is to use: teapot warmers, Candle Warmer, Fondue Pot or just a regular pot style. Isn’t that intriguing, simple and so very awesome?
By the way, you can also preserve the little scented jars a little longer, and give them as presents for your friends, this holidays. If you are worried how long they are going to last, you can always freeze them ahead of time. Get inspired and creative for these holidays!

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