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DIY Pinecone Firelighters

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Continuing the pinecone theme, did you know that they make excellent and cute firelighters? Well, of course this requires some skill and creativity, but it really works!

Handmade Firelighters out of Pinecone

So, are you all excited about making a firelighters out of a pinecone? Well, this what you will need: pine cones, a pack of tea-lights; cupcake cases, slightly larger than your pine cones, an optional candle scent; cinnamon, pine, cranberry and sandalwood or whatever is your favorite. So, first step is to clean off the dust from your pinecones, and usually storing them for a week before using, will sort of open them up.
Next step is to align your cupcakes cases with tea lights in them already. Make sure to remove the metal cases, because you are going to put these cupcakes in the owen, so that your candle melts down into the cupcase.
When the wax melted and resembles water add your favorite scent. Then carefully uplift the wicks to the side to insert the pinecone, wait till the wax is solid and remove the cupcake cases.
To use the pine cone firelighters, simply put it near the logs in your fire place, and you have a nice warm fire near which you can cuddle during long winter nights!

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