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DIY make up storage ideas

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All of us have these little make up items that are scattered around the house, and it seems that they don’t belong anywhere. However, you can make a DIY home for these little items, the storage place that will keep them and you at peace.


DIY Storage Tips

Usually what desperately needs storage and lacks it are the makeup items, and there are thousands of ideas how to make use of the available space. Of course if you have these cute boxes for you jewelry it is not a problem, however if not that is a problem. This post will offer a couple more solutions to the makeup organizing problems.


One of the solutions is to make a box for them. Look around for a small or medium size basket somewhere in your basement, or anywhere you keep the unwanted stuff, and you might encounter something interesting. If not, that can be purchased on a garage sale and if it doesn’t really look nice, don’t worry you can redecorate it with ribbons, stars or just whatever suits your personality. If the little basket doesn’t have the dividing part, make your own with the cardboard. Decorating the basket wouldn’t be much of a problem, would it?


The next DIY make up storage idea includes magnets. Usually, more than one magnet is needed, also items such as a wooden frame with a little of a background paper or fabric with a steel paper for the magnets, spray paint, magnets and the glue. First, you will need to find the wooden frame and color it with spray paint, if it is not the color that you want. Then time to attach the steel paper to the frame, which can be done using the fabric, adhesive spray and the frame. Then attach the magnets with the hot glue to the makeup items and press. If you need the containers for the brushes, pencils and such do the same procedure using more magnets. Th these doesn’t seem really hard, doesn’t it? But you will get such an amazing make up storage.

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  1. Steph
    July 18, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Very cute ideas! I’ll try to make a storage box for my makeup items. Please make a step-by-step tutorial of such boxes.

  2. Marion
    July 18, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Agree, very cute.I like magnet board idea 😉