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DIY Light Ideas

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This post will introduce to making you own light design ideas, from the simplest geometric forms to awesome rustic ones. Follow this post for your own DIY lamp.


Handmade lamps

DIY stuff is always more pleasant to the eye than the bought decor accessories. This post presents creative and awesome DIY lamps design ideas, starting with the incredible geometric lampshade. Designed by Weekday Carnival, the geometric lampshade is simple and very contemporary design. The idea is very simplistic, presenting the 4 thin and hollow metallic tube with a NUD lamp as a light bulb.
Another creative DIY lamp is not really a lamp, but a candle holder. This design is specific for the garden or outdoor events, as it adds some glowing mystery. You would need the old jar, Outdoor Mod Podge, acrylic paint and a brush. painting jars in different hues would make your garden party even more fun. After your paint is dry, apply thin coat of Mod Podge for more stability. After your candle holders are ready, you can either hang them by wire or to place them on the table. If you use patterned jars it would be even more fun!
The last in our list of the DIY lighting ideas is the Liquor Bottle lamp. As funky as it sounds, liquor bottles are really nice for a base. You will need favorite liquor bottle, a drill, a socket and a lamp shade of your pick. You will have to drill the bottle to get the lighting inside the bottle. It is important to take the wires from the housing and make them into two pieces,after which you would need to connect the wires and place them back into the housing. When placing the top part of the switch, make sure the copper spikes line up with the wires. And voila, you piece is ready!

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