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DIY Leaf Linen

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Fall is not over yet! In most parts of the world it is still yellow leaves, melancholy and inspiration. How about making a DIY leaf linen?

Leaf Inspired Tablecloth

If you are one of these people who enjoys fall, DIY leaf tablecloth is probably the best way to show it off. It is not only original and beautiful, making things yourself is really fun! For this project you will need leaves, acrylic craft paint or fabric paint, foam brush, linens (such as a tablecloth, tea towel), scrap paper (such as newspaper) and cardboard/paper plate.
The bright colored leaves are the best, but they also need to be sturdy. Once you have collected the leaves, prepare the working space: put something under the tablecloth so that you won’t spoil that surface. Apply a thin coat of paint with the foam brush to the leaf and press the freshly painted leaf to the fabric. By the way, it is a good idea to wash and iron the fabric first. Painting and pressing the leaf is the key in making a fall tablecloth. Repeat the procedure several times to achieve the desired pattern.

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