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DIY Lampshade Ideas

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Continuing the theme of DIY items, this post presents an exciting opportunity to make your own lampshade designs! Follow these easy instructions to make the lamp of your dreams.

Handmade lampshade ideas

Do you like romantic lampshades? Creepy lampshades? Funky lampshades? Do you like to make your own decor items? For making your own lampshade, you will need to decide on the type you want and to have a handy lampshade foot. In this post we will review several interesting DIY ideas, starting with the dreamy lampshade design from yarn. For this project you will need to have yarn, baking paper, wallpaper glue, scissors, tape or a stapler, superglue and of course the base of the lampshade.

Naturally, with any lampshade you will need to start with the removing of the original top. Now, you need to attach the baking paper to your lampshade. This is needed as a base for the yarn, and once you did that part start putting the yarn with tape or staple. Next step would be in whirling the yarn around the lampshade in any sequence you want. It can be airy, or stuffed, whatever you choose. After you are done with that procedure, you need to cover the yarn in glue, which can be done by applying glue with watered wallpaper. Once the glue is dry (it might up to three-four days), make sure to remove the baking paper lampshade and attach the yarn lampshade to the foot and it is done!
To make a fancy lampshade, the procedure is almost the same. When you have removed the lampshade top, the fun part begins. Let’s imagine that you want to make a completely new lampshade. For this purpose you would need the drum shade, painter tape, hot glue, and any decorative elements (ribbons, flowers), burlap. So its pretty easy from here, you cover the drum shade in burlap with hot glue. To decorate the lampshade you will need the ribbons, or anything you want to. Another version of the lampshade is to use the satin or silk fancy fabric and decorate the lampshade with handmade roses, which are also made from the same fabric, but this an entirely different story.

DIY Lamp Inspiration

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