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DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

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Kitchen island is a hefty investment. Sure you can skip it and concetrate on cabinetry but if your kitchen is spacious enough and you want more working areas then you could try looking at some of our DIY kitchen island ideas.

Repurposed kitchen island

Dresser as kitchen island


The easiest way to go about a DIY kitchen island to use an old table or cabinet where you want your working or dining area to be. You can add shelves to an old table to hold your pots and pans or simply add a few crooks under the tabletop and hang them there. This is a cool twist on those state of the art chef kitchens with hanging pots and pans.

You may not only repurpose dinner tables for this but you can also put those vintage desks, carts, sewing machine, lockers, and even piano to use in the kitchen. The best part is that you don’t have to be a seasoned DIY enthusiast to repurpose a piece of furniture. You only need to choose the one that wouldn’t need much or any tweaking.


Pallets are great for building anything from a lamp to bed. They are versatile and will give your kitchen that rustic look. You’ll have to dismantle them at least to a degree in order to build a necessary structure but it’s easy and doesn’t require much equipment. Just be sure to choose safe ones since you’ll be using them in a kitchen working area.

Get Creative

You can also go a slightly different direction and buy a new furniture piece that will do great as a kitchen island but isn’t necessarily one. It can be a dinner table, a side table, or a cart. All you really need is a little imagination and a good selection to choose from.

Also get away from traditional wood and think industrial metal carts and pipes, brick, and wood slabs. They all can become a beautiful and unusual kitchen island. If you are someone who likes to build stuff from scratch, this might be a direction you’d like.

DIY Kitchen Islands

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