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DIY Jingle Bells Crafts

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What Christmas without the amazing Jingle Bells? At least it would not be the same! How about getting crafty and make some awesome DIY Jingle Bells decorations, that would definatelly set the mood, wether for the Christmas tree, or for festive table!

Jingle Bell Inspired Crafts

Christmas is getting really close, yet we still have some very little time to make awesome decorations for the house with our own hands. Let’s make some jingle bells inspired crafts, starting from the Napkin ring ornamens, that would be a very original decoration for your festive table.
1. Jingle Bell Napkin Rings
So, all of us want to have cute napkin rings, however they are quite pricy! How about getting crafty and making one yourself ? So, for this project you will need: Wide wired ribbon; Coordinating thin ribbons; Hot glue; Jingle Bells. First thing is to cut the wide wired ribbon, as many as you need, and this depends on the quantity of people that are invited over for your festive table. Then, fold the ribbon in half, and then glue the seam at each end. Then, cut the thin ribbon to 6.5 inches and thread through the jingle bells. Then folding the ribbon and attaching the jingle bell on top.
2. Burlap Jingle Bell Garland
This is a bit rustic decor, suitable for sweet and homey decor. For this project you will need: Rusted Jingle Bells, Burlap, Jute Cording, Fairy Door Charms. Firs you will need to cut the burlap into wide strips, then tie the jingle bell with jute, then add a burlap bow. Next step is to tie a jingle bell onto the jute directly above the bow. Make as many bows as you want. Another idea is to make a simple jingle bell garland using 6′ of baker’s twine per garland, varying sizes of jingle bells. Slife the bells down the twine and tie a double knot around the metal loop. Generally, the garland can be used as a gift wrapping and mantle decorations. As you see, jingle bells can be very easily incorporated into the awesome Christmas décor, either on the mantle, Christmas tree or festive table!

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