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DIY Halloween Table Runner

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October is rushing, and pretty soon we will celebrate the best holiday of the year: Halloween! This post will help in creating the table runners, decorated specifically for Halloween.

Halloween DIY table runner

Carving the pumpkin is just half of the deal, but about a place where you will place it? Well, we can help with creating a Halloween DIY table runner.

To create the table runner you would need 2 yards of fabric for main background color, 2/3 yard fabric for border, 12 yards ribbon, and 1/4″ double-sided fusible interfacing (12 yards). Since we are making a Halloween table runner choose orange and black for the colors, with variations. Now, you will need to cut the background fabric into a rectagle, resembling a table runner – measuring 14″ x 70″. Make a small 1/2″ cut at 14″ mark with scissors, then rip fabric all the way down.
Now cut the border fabric and then it is time for the ribbons! Make sure to cut at least 4 of each variety if you’re using 6 different ribbons, or more. Cut the ribbons at least 16″ or 18″ long. Before applying the ribbons, place the interlacing backing to the main fabric in a way that you would like to see your ribbons and touch the paper with an iron for a second. Then start applying the ribbon, then lay down a second series of interfacing and ribbon on top. Then if you want interlacing, place other ribbons and when this done, cut off all the unnecesary ends.
Now it is time to make a border.First stich together the two parts, at the ends with a 1/4″ seam. Then sort of enfold you runner into the border strips by using 1/4″ seam, stitch long strips to the 2 long edges of rectangle. Making of border seems to be even more complicated than the the rest, but once you figure it out, it is pretty easy and fun.

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