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DIY Halloween Pillow Cases

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Making a Halloween inspired decor is not so hard as can be imagined, and won’t cost you much if you like DIY stuff. We will help with creating a right atmosphere for Halloween and what is better than making DIY pillow cases for that matter?

Cute Halloween Cushions

This is rather a simple project, but with this simplicity comes the incredible fun! For this project you will need: pillows, fabric for the background, some felt of the contrasting color, scissors, the template of the picture, paper-backed fusible web, iron, sewing kit.

First you need to decide on pillows that you are going to use. Remember to make a theme you would need up to three items. So, once you have figured out which and how many cushions you are going to use, remove its original cover.
Then you need to prepare the fabric for the new cover, having the same dimensions as your exisiting one, but add 3/4 inch in each direction. Now it is time to create! Print out the template you want to put on your pillow, then trace the image in a mirror way to the paper-backed fusible web and iron the image to the felt. The next step is to cut out the picture you have ironed. Once you are done with that, iron that felt picture to the original background cover you have chosen and make an actual cover by sewing the sides and edges. Put the cushion into the case and it is done! Of course the same procedure can be repeated practically for any design.

Halloween Pillows


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  1. krystal
    September 19, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Where did you find the template for “Black Cats for sale”?