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DIY Easter Egg Decorating

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As Easter is approaching we present to you more and more of the most amazing tips on bringing this holiday indoors. One of the most-awaited traditions is the Easter egg decorating, so today we are going to discover one of the easiest ways of Easter eggs decorating.

easter eggs

Simple Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Well, there is no way to make the Easter egg decoration easier than this tutorial by Jerri Farri. You will have to boil the eggs first of course, and then let them cool down under the cold water. Now, to make the Easter-inspired decor you will need: edible dye, a “decal”, which is basically a picture that you can cut out of the magazine, and some inspiration!

Once eggs are cold, you will have to work with the dye. Dilute it according to the instructions on the package cover, and then add the eggs into the mixture. Allow them to get the color and remove the eggs when it’s done. If you don’t want to get your counter stained, make sure that you use some kind of a barrier between the dye and counter. On the picture below it is the plastic lid.

easter eggs

Now, the most amazing part! By now, you should already have the decals in the appropriate theme. It can be practically anything, as seen here – even the vintage birds and bunnies. Take the image you have selected and put a piece of packing tape over it. Now to attach the tape to the image use a wooden spoon. The decal should get dry, so set it aside for a while.

Take the egg and the decal, and then press the decal onto the egg. Make sure that the image is cut correctly, so even the tiniest little parts get onto the egg. The decal should stick to the egg by itself and if that doesn’t happen use a little bit of glue. So, using this easy tutorial, you can make amazing  Easter eggs, which are fancy and unique!


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