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DIY Desk Ideas for Study Room

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Study rooms are an essential part of many interior designs, however sometimes we are facing an issue of decorating it in a proper matter. One of the most important part of it is working space. This post will help you with the DIY ideas for the working space.


Handmade study room décor

Study room is an essential part of any student, school child and even young adult. Doing things yourself is economically pleasing and time saving, and it is fun, after all. Let’s start with the most important part of the room: the working space. Working space consists of the table, a source of light and a comfortable chair.

There are some amazing ideas on the DIY table. One of the simplest ideas would be with two regular drawers, if you might stumble upon them somewhere in your house, and a wooden board. It is really easy, if you have the essential part – the drawers and the wood board can be bought, or it can also be an upcycled ex-door, which probably slowly dies off in your basement. If you purchased a large wood board, you need to prepare it for being installed, meaning it has to be sanded, colored or perhaps you should change the color. If you used the old board that you found somewhere in your house, then you need to decide about its look and get it to look appropriate. You can mount the table top to the drawers with the two inch screws. Some use IKEA drawers for its convenience, but perhaps just about any two similar drawers would fit the idea.


Another common idea of making a DIY wood desk is to use the oak sturdy table top, which makes the study room appear more stable and cozy.It looks fantastic, just as it is, unless you want something more contemporary and plastic. The idea is almost the same as above, just instead of using drawers for legs, you would need additional wood. This as well can be reclaimed old furniture pieces; they just need to be in good shape. Mounting would not be a problem, as you would use the same principle as in an idea above. Of course this rustic beginning of your working process requires some additional elements of rustic or shabby chic interior décor.


Experimenting with textures sometimes seems like a good idea, because the study room can be fun and exciting, instead of being dull and boring. Add interesting elements of décor that would also fit the working space environment. The lighting is an important aspect of the working space, and though the overhead lighting is important, the desk lamp would also make a statement. Try choosing something appropriate to the whole room, yet very functional. If you wish to follow the same pattern as your reclaimed wood desk, try using the nature inspired lampshades.

DIY Desk Ideas


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