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DIY Decor: Floating Hanging Shelves

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If you need a small shelf of a bedside table you can get both at a really cheap/free price. This small DIY is all about the trendy floating hanging shelves that are both easy to make and interesting to look at.

DIY Hanging Shelves

Hanging rope shelf


To make a hanging shelf all you need is a bit of rope and a plank of wood. It can be any type of reclaimed wood or your old shelves that you want to reuse and redecorate. There are a few different ways of assmeblage and fixing but the easiest would be to drill a hole at each corner of the plank and push the rope through tying it into a good tight knot.

The rest is totally up to you. You can paint ir or you can leave it as is for a more rustic look. You can make multi-tiered shelves or you can choose a wider base and get a bedside table/shelf.

Rope shelving

The best way to go about hanging shelving is to hang it right beside the wall especially if you want a bit more stability for your display decorations. However, you can hang it so that it really hovered right beside your armchair or bed. This way it’d be more in hand’s reach and will also serve you as a table.

Since these shelves aren’t really meant to hold lots of weight use them for more decorative purposes. They will also save space in a small apartment allowing you to decorate and display while also not taking any floor space.

We love these floating shelves as bedside tables and night stands much more though as they add some boho flair to the bedroom. What do you think?

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