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DIY Clothespin Ornaments

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Sometimes, the Christmas tree ornaments can be made out of trivial things, that are used in daily activities, like clothespins that you use for hanging the clean clothes. So let’s discuss some simply DIY projects of making the Christmas tree ornaments out of trivial clothespins!

Clothespin Crafts

Sometimes some trivial things are making the holiday very special and infect others with the holiday spirit. How about making some crafts out of such simple things as clothespin! While clothespins are an unusual ornament for Christmas, getting into crafty mood is certainly paying off! Imagine a Christmas tree unique in every way, because the ornaments are all handmade! By the way, these activities can become a nice thing to do with your kids! So we will start with making a reindeer out of a clothespin!
Rudolph Reindeer Ornament
For this project you will need paint brushes, baby flat clothespins, mini red pom poms, brown paint, twine, a glue gun, and wiggly eyes. First thing is to paint the clothespin to add a certain brown tone, if the clothespins are close to white. Then when it is dry, start gluing the pins together as shown on the picture. You also need to include the twine loop to hang it later on the Christmas tree. Then, when everything is set, attach little red nose and the wiggly eyes! When everything is dry, the Reindeer Rudolph is ready!
Clothespin Star Ornament
You will need eight clothespin, hot glue, ribbon or twine, glitter, embellishments. You will need to take apart all clothespins to remove the metal spring that should pop right off with just a little finagling. So, each clothespin will give you two pieces with one side flat and you need to align the flat sides together, using hot glue attach it. The original shape should be of a snowflake or a star, depending on how to call it. To add some charm, add some glitter, and in the last steps attach the ribbon or twine to hang it on the tree! Below you will find amazing and cute inspiration ideas, that will help you set into the holiday crafty mood! Enjoy and get inspired!

DIY Clothespin Crafts


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  1. Sylvia Johnson
    November 6, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Love the clothes pin ornaments, trying to find ideas for my 98 year old Mother to do. She likes these but she requires our help when working on them.
    Also want to make a few for my “Piano students” for a christmas gift!
    Thanks for creative ideas to share!!!

  2. Pat Massari
    April 10, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    I love the snow flake/stars BUT I’m thinking Star Fish for spring & summer decorations OR for peeps like me who love sea side decor!!!