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DIY Christmas Trivets

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Trivets are a perfect cute gift, that can be used in many ways: as wall art, as heat trivets, and practically anything! Here is an easy DIY tutorial on making them for Christmas!


Unique Table by Nucleo

So, if you decided to make trivets for the holidays, you will need 3 round cork trivets, acrylic paints and a brush, a multi-purpose sealer, a stencil and Mod Podge. First you will need to make a vynil stencil, and then apply a coat of Multi-Purpose Sealer to prepare the surface. Next step is to put the stencil onto the cork and with a thin layer of mod podge, paint it over the stencil. Pull back the vinyl stencils and reveal your design on the trivet. Then reapply the Mutli-Purpose Sealer and enjoy your little Christmas spirit holders!

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