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Cute Candleholder Covers

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Candleholders need to be adjusted for winter as well, because they can become an inspiring decoration for your Christmas table, mantle and practically anything else!

Candleholder decorating ideas

Preparing for Christmas celebration? Well, these cute DIY candleholder covers can make your holiday very cute and homey! First idea is to make a cover from the paper, however be careful because this is fit only for the tealights in the glass candleholders! So you will need the tea light candles in the glass candleholders and some A4 sheet! You will just have to cut out the print and attach it to the glass candleholders, as easy as that. In alternative you can make any other decor as you wish, the idea will be the same.
Another idea is to make a burlap covers for the candleholders. You will need some tea lights, stencil, burlap, glass candleholder, tape, acrylic paint, glitter and thread to match burlap. First thing is to find or draw the stencil on a cardstock and cut it out with exacto knife. Then cut a piece of burlap that would fit the glass candleholder and dab the paint on the burlap showing through your stencil. When it is dry, remove the stencil from the burlap and wrap it around the glass candleholder and secure them with pins. It is ready!

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