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Creative Tiny Planter Ideas

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If you just can’t live without greenery, you are one of those, who likes to renew the planters collections once in a while. This post will introduce you to the incredible and creative tiny planter ideas!
Tiny Planter Ideas

Miniature Planter Designs

An intriguing part about gardening as it can be indoors, as well as outdoors. When planting into a small container it is important to choose the right plant, as the vegetables and herbs might be too big for these containers, whereas the Bonsais, mini ferns, dwarf mosses, micro-orchids and cacti are a good choice.

Micro Planter

Tiny Planter Ideas
This post focuses on the indoor planting options for limited spaces and tiny containers, opening the post with a traditional planter magically transformed into a micro planter. This tiny terra cotta pots are not a rarity of course, however it is almost a form of art to fit the plant into the small container.

Light Bulb Terrariums

Tiny Planter Ideas
Another intriguing planter idea is in discovering the terrariums, and one of the ways is in recycling a light bulb. As insane as it seems, these tiny transparent containers look very cute and alluring. Varying in sizes, shapes and types, the lightbulbs can certainly add creativity to your mini garden.

Shell Planter

Tiny Planter Ideas
This idea seems to be very simple, yet very original: using snail shells or seashells as plant containers! The procedure is very easy as all you will have to do is to find a snail shell, or seashell, if available and plant your little green friend. Easy and creative, the shell planters are definatelly very eco-friendly. Another variation of the shell planters is using the eggshell, but you need to be very carefull doing that.

Thimble Planters

Tiny Planter Ideas
If you like fairy tales, these type of containers might appeal to you. The tiny thimble adds charm and rustic feeling to your little garden, and the rustier the better!

Cork Planters

Tiny Planter Ideas
Recycling can not only make your lifestyle environmentally friendly, but also fun and creative. Using wine corks as tiny planters seems like a wild idea, but don’t be judgemental! It is fun, easy and very eco-friendly! By removing the inner parts of the cork, and plantin g the succulent you get a creative little plant.

Necklace Planters

Tiny Planter Ideas
For those who are into gardening and jewelry, this planter idea might be a little bit surprsing. Designed by Atlanta-based artist, Colleen Jordan, these little necklace planters can be used both as an accessory and as a creative hanging planter.

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