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Crafts Assembly: Wall Décor Collections

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Walls also need some effort in decorating, however don’t get too overwhelmed. These easy tips will help you in creating and displaying your art creatively and with style: introducing you the DIY wall décor instructions.


Wall Art Décor

If you are an avid collector, you would be surprised and pleased to know that your collections can be used in decorating your walls. Wallpaper is not the only option of creating an appealing look of your wall. Numerous shoe boxes painted in different funky colors and assembled on the wall can be a good starter, but let’s consider other options.

A very popular motive is to create cluster of things and arrange it in a chaotic way, with enclosing the collection items into wooden frames. That way even the most obvious and uninteresting item can be appealing and very stylish. Unfinished shelves technique is one of the options in doing that. The different sizes of the frames can be accustomed to different items, and be stored properly. It is also a good idea to display the items with a matching theme. If you collect sea shells, perhaps it is best to decorate your collection with some other marine accessories, like white corals or sea scented candles. The other options in enclosing your items in boxes is using shadowboxes and wine crakes. The idea behind it is all the same, except that they can look different.

If you are not the type to confine décor elements into frames, then perhaps you might consider mounting your collectibles directly on the wall? The collectibles from the same theme can become an art installation on their own. The usual themes in displaying the collections are plates, records, different craft items, insect prints, and many other. Bought either in some exotic countries, or thrift stores, plates are common sights in the home collections, especially in the kitchen rooms.

Shelving is another important aspect of displaying your collectibles. Floating open shelves are common in displaying some heavy objects, such as teapots, glassware, vases, or even photo cameras. One of the options is to display them by color, which adds certain mood to your interior. Don’t try to clutter the entire collection items together, leaving some space is also a good idea. Whatever type that you chose to display your collection, try considering your interior and matching the items with decorating style.

Here are some collectibles on display

Wall Art Décor

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  1. Arun
    September 7, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Where do you get those wooden crates?

  2. Strega
    September 10, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Arun, you can find the wooden crates online, or you can call your local liquor stores, they might have something.