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Clothing Storage: Wardrobe Alternatives

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Installing a wardrobe let alone a dressing room can pose a great challenge in a small-spaced home. But there are always ways and alternatives to a conventional clothing storage. Clothing stores can be a great inspiration when designing your own dressing area in the bedroom. Using a couple of space-saving techniques and clothing rack ideas it’s possible to create a stylish clothing storage within one’s own bedroom.

Creative Clothes Racks

There are many ways of creating a clothes rack that is a great alternative to a wardrobe. It can be created out of a simple branch or constructed from the metal pipes or wooden bars. Such improvised clothes rack looks very creative and interesting. A decorative divider screen can also be used to hang clothes and be used as a changing room or dressing area providing privacy.

Storage Ideas For Little Things

Storage boxes with off-season clothes can be stored on the shelves like it’s done in some stores with clothes of different sizes. Old suitcases can also be stacked and used to store clothes and accessories. Mannequins are commonly used as accessory racks plus they can add charm and elegance to the room.

Store Clothes On Display

Clothing stores naturally store their goods on display. If your bedroom lacks space do the same. Take inspiration from the way clothing store staff displays the goods. An old distressed shabby chic wardrobe can be used not only on the inside. Its exterior walls can be enhanced with hooks to hang more hangers with clothes creating a bohemian look in the room.

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