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Chalkboard Crafts

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Chalkboard, the attribute of school life can be turned something completely awesome for interior decorating, if you would turn on your imagination, and let us help you with some awesome chalkboard craft ideas! So, here it goes!

Chalkboard Inspiration

Well, chalkboard may have be a painful school time reminder, but it is also a fun material to decorate your house with. So are you ready for some awesome chalkboard inspiration, and here it goes! Before we start, you should know that you can make the chalkboard paint yourself, without buying it, just use non-sanded grout, Latex paint. Mix the paint with the grout, using the ratio of 1 part grout to 8 parts of paint and one of the ways to blend it is to use a paint mixer drill attachment – and it is done! By the way, the chalkboard can be in any color you want. Now off to the crafts!
We will start with this simple, yet amazing chalkboard plate project, for which you will need to have: ceramic plates, chalkboard paint, a paint brush, Scotch heavy duty velcro fasteners and of course chalk. Paint the ceramic plates with the chalkboard paint, about two coats would be enough. Before you would use them as a chalkboard, let them get dry for about 24 hours. After 24 hours start rubbing the chalk, to prove that it is finally of a chalkboard quality and then wipe it off with a paper towel. If you would like to attach the plates to wall, use velcro fasteners. Likewise, any kitchenware object with a flat surface can be used for this project.
Another amazing project of making a simple chalkboard statement is making a chalkboard votives. How awesome is that! Just use the same strategy of chalkboard painting, and decorate the simple glass candle votive with the black paint, and it is done! There are tons of ideas of making a little chalkboard statement, which can be placed virtually anywhere in the house. Here are some inspirational piece, which can bring you into the crafty mood and make a difference with these simple chalkboard decorations!

Awesome Chalkboard Ideas

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