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Cat Litter Box Hiding

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Do you have a lovely cat that you just adore, yet always stumble upon its litter box? Well, that problem can be solved by several ideas about cat litter box hiding that we are about to discuss!

Cat Litter Box Cover Ideas

If you have a problem of stumbling over the litter box, perhaps it is time for your to make some changes? The pet furniture nowadays is becoming a trend and costs as much, or even more as a furniture for humans. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your pet special! You can make an alternative to the inspiration ideas of cat litter boxes with your own hands. One of ideas is to get a cover over a litter box.
One of the ideas include making a cover on the preexisting litter box. If you are in a good relationship with crafting, you can make a cover out of a wooden panel, the one sort of imitating the roof of the house. This might be appealing to your cat and reduce the unpleasant impression. Another wonderful idea is using a hollow furniture piece to locate the litter box. However, make sure to include a cat door, so your kitty can access the litter box without any stress.
Another idea is to place litter box in the laundry room, where the constant detergent would take away the unpleasant smells. However, be aware that if a cat is startled with a noise produced by washing machine, or the laundry room is really far away, it might be a problem for your kitty to get there in time. Make sure your cat is comfortable first, then think about other issues! Meanwhile, the last idea is to locate the open litter box among the container planted plants. It is a worthwhile idea both for the cat and for you, because you remove the litter box from your sight while making a pleasure to your cat. However make sure that your cat is not allergic to the plants, and does not fear them!

Cat Litter Box Hiding Ideas

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