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Candy Cane Crafts

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Candy Cane is a foremost christmas spirit carier, and holiday would be no holiday if its shape and colors were missing. How about making a Candy Cane inspired crafts, special for the Christmas day?

DIY Candy Cane Crafts

Yay! It is Christmas so very soon, and there is so little time to tell you all about amazing Christmas DIY projecs! As you know, candy cane are an essential part of this sweet holiday, so just stacking them on display would be good enough. However if you want to be original, you might need something else. Let’s get crafty and make some Candy Cane inspired crafts! We will start with the simple projects that involve the actual candy canes.
1. Candy Cane Reindeer
A really simple project, but really fun to make with kids! You will need Reindeer template, Candy cane, Brown felt, Pencil, Scissors, Nontoxic glue, Brown or red craft pom-pom, Black felt, Hole punch and Rustic floral wire. First you need to make a reindeer head out of brown felt using a template. Then using a non toxic glue attach the head to the candy cane. Use pom pom for the nose of a dear, attaching it the same with a non toxic glue. Make the eyes by punching two dots out of black felt and gluing them to the head. To make the antlers twist a rustic floral wire and attach them to the head by wrapping them around the candy cane.
2. Candy Cane Clay Ornaments
As you have guessed this one doesn’t include he real candy canes, but uses the look. So you will need Polymer clay (red and white clay), Sculpey Glaze and brush, Knife. So you will need to make a candy cane rope first by rolling these two colors together into one thicker rope and then twisting it. Once you have the candy cane rope, you can do practically anything with, includeing the gift wrappins, such as in the picture. But don’t stop on this project, you can make even a bracelet, or some other accessory as a present for the new year. This candy cane from a clay can become a Christmas tree ornament, and its uses are limitless. Meanwhile, get inspired from the projects displayed below!

Candy Cane Crafts

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