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Beach-Inspired Wall Art Crafts

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Can’t wait to go on summer vacation? Well how about dressing up your house with beach-inspired wall art pieces that you can make yourself? Gather the souvenirs from the previous beach visits and let’s do some DIY crafts to dress up your walls in the vacation mood.

DIY Beach-Inspired Projects

DIY Beach-Inspired Wall Art

DIY Plaque By Amanda

Stick Beach Plaque

Well, essentially beach-inspired crafts are a simple reminder of the time spent relaxing on the beach: so the simpler the better. This craft provided via Crafts By Amanda, is made from sticks, pebbles, seashells, a starfish, sand – so easy, right? First step is to paint the sticks with some pleasant color, then you will need to make the word Beach – or any other word you want. The word is spelled out in pebbles and glue. Then to attach the sand and shells use glue again. Voila, your beach plaque is ready and can be hanged on the wall.

Sea Fan Coral Wall Art

DIY Beach-Inspired Wall Art

Sea Fan Art By T Rex At Home
This project is not only fun and simple, it is also cheap compared to the price you would pay if you bought it via internet. If you have recently been to a place that has lots of sea fan corals, you might just as well take one with you and make a nice wall art piece, like T Rex At Home did. For this project you will need a Sea fan, white paint and a brush, burlap and a shadow box. Before starting the project the sea fan needs to dry out and that might take a lot of time. After that you can start the project by trimming the fan to fit into the shadow box and painting it. Now prepare the burlap background for the shadow box and after the fan is dry attach it to the burlap with pins.

Shell Mirror Wall Art

DIY Beach-Inspired Wall Art

DIY Shelled Mirror By Marian Parsons

Now this one is really easy to make, especially if you like to collect seashells and don’t know how to use them. You will need a framed mirror, hot glue gun and glue sticks, some seashells. Rinse the shells before applying any to the frame. It is very easy to do – just attach the seashells to the mirror frame with the hot glue gun. This project is presented by Marian Parsons.

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