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Bathroom Vanity Alternatives

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Bathroom vanity is usually a focal point of the room but if you cannot afford a high-end piece from a bathroom furniture expert brand, well, there are quite a few alternatives that would make any bathroom look unique.

Bar Cart

Push cart vanity

Those bar carts are pretty cool and can be used anywhere for almost anything storage-wise. You can use one separately from your sink and move it around your bathroom whenever necessary. You can also have the sink installed but then it won’t be mobile anymore.

Sewing Machine Base

Sewing machin table

Old sewing machine base is practically a desk so you can use it as a vanity. The sink will fit nicely into the tabletop leaving a bit of space for various bathroom accessories.

Old Dinner Table

Desk vanity

An old dinner table or desk may not be a lost cause yet. If it has that vintage look to it just have it sawed in two and turn one of the better halves as your bathroom vanity. The same goes for old cabinets, drawers, and side tables.



If you happen upon a beautiful piece of driftwood, it can make a luxury-looking vanity. It would have to be primed and treated before use but it will definitely look unique in any bathroom.

Reclaimed wood vanity

Reclaimed Wood

If driftwood is difficult to come by, reclaimed wood can too look quite unique as vanity. The older it looks, the better. You can also add or remove pieces and features you need liike additional shelves depending on the amount of wood you have.

There are also plenty of alternatives to a bathroom vanity from bicycles to side table to old cabinets and built-in options.

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