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Bathroom Stripes Project

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Bathroom is one of the most sacred rooms in any house, as it serves both as a cleaning room and the personal retreat room. If you don’t have the personal room, at least in the bathroom you can be sure to have at least half an hour all to yourself. However, not all bathrooms are a perfect hideway in terms of decorating, and if that is the case – there is a simple solution. Stick around to find out!

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

If you are tired of the depressing look of your bathroom, or if the bathroom is not pleasing you any longer – it is time for changes! The perfect way to make your bathroom look sparkly and shine is to add some additional features! One way is make the additional storage in orginal forms: introduce a ladder as a towel rack, or baskets as bathroom equippment. However, these minor changes won’t help, if the bathroom needs repairs. So, today we are going to focus on the bathroom stripes project!
If your bathroom is just simple white room, with a bathtub and a wash baisin – now wonder it is depressing. One of the ideas is to make it nice is with the tile stripes. For this project you will need to buy the tiles and the paint, and for the neutral effect it is better to use matching colors. So, once you figured out the colors, and tiles – measure your decorating wall. It is not necessary for you to cover the whole bathroom in tile stripes – just one wall will do. The tile striped wall will make the room have an accent, and make it interesting to the eye.
Now, mark the space where your tile stripes would go. Remember that up to three stripes is enough. Once you have done that part, start attaching the tiles to the marked area and go all the way through. Next step is to grout the tiles with float, once you are done with attaching the tiles. Then, clean away the grout using the damp sponge. Once the tile stripes are ready, start preparing for the painting. Attach some tape to edges of the tile stripes and start painting in between the stripes. Allow the paint to dry and once it is dry, you will have a beautifull tile stripes that make bathroom special!

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