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Attic Makeover Ideas

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Do you have an attic, cluttered with unwanted stuff, that is just waiting for its second life? Then stick around for an attic makeover ideas!


Attic Renovation Ideas

Some are blessed with an extra under roof space, that is waiting in line to be renovated and used appropriately. If you are one of those people, perhaps this post will help you a great deal. We will start with a list of ideas of what the attic can be transformed into, starting with the attic to study room renovation.


The attic study room differs a bit from an ordinary study room, and guess why? Yes, because of its special structure that the roof gives to it. Perhaps at first you will need to clean up the space, as with any room makeover then consider your options and measure your space. It might be that you will need to make minor repairs, like insulation, cords and plugs installation and other things. Think of heating as well, because if you plan to spend your working hours there during winter, you might get cold. It is important to measure the space because the unplanned furniture pieces might simply not fit into the whole picture. The last things is to make use of the natural light that comes into the attic and of course, decorating that extra room. In general, doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all?


If however, you need an extra bedroom, the idea is practically the same. However, there are some other issues to consider. Usually the attic is quite limited in space, and painting some walls darker or brighter would visually enlarge it. The walls are often too short giving off much of it into the roof. This can be made less significant by following the same color schemes. Choose the color accordingly to its purpose, but the neutral colors are often preferred.

There are many option of combining these two ideas, like creating an extra room for some member of your family, where the working space and a bedroom would be in one. Some prefer making a guest room out of an attic, but the guidelines stay the say either way. So, experiment with your attic, give it a second chance!

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