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Alternative Bed Frames

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Bed is hefty investment and you gotta buy so much stuff for it from spring box to the headboard. Here are a few examples of an alternative bed frame that will save you some money and will also make your bedroom look interesting.

Budget Bed Frame Alternatives

Driftwood bed frame

Modern interior with a driftwood bed frame

Budget bed frames can be made out of anything from cardboard to cinder blocks, old doors to pallets or driftwood. The latter is especially interesting because it will give your bedroom so much of a unique flair. It’s perfect for rustic homes, Wabi-Sabi style rooms, and even modern interiors.

A frameless bed can work too. It’s a matter of decor and accessorizing. Beautiful linens and throws will do the trick of making the bed look lush and decorated. An elevated floor platform can also be a place for a frameless bed if you have a budget for it. Also you don’t have to have just one mattress. You can arrange a few together to make a non-standard bed or you can also use a headboard without a frame if you want to. With the right styling, no one’s gonna notice that there’s no frame. A wall rug in a tandem with your frameless bed will make for a dreamy boho chic bedroom.

Organ Bed by BRC Designs

Organ Bed by BRC Designs

Now if you don’t mind an industrial look metal pipes can be used to create a bed frame. It’s also a great to make a canopy bed if that’s your thing.

BRC Designs demonstrate a really creative way to utilize scrap. They’ve created whole furniture series using plastic pipes of various lengths, scrap wooden planks from broken pianos, and soda cans. Their Organ Bed is a true masterpiece composed of PVC conduit that can be disassembled into four parts.

Bed frames can be so creative and budget-friendly! You should only decide on the material and make it work or ask friends for help.

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