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8 Tips for Combining Bedroom and Living

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Modern interior design like “two in one” is very popular now. The following options are especially popular: living and dining room, living room and kitchen or living room and office. Recreation area is combined quite harmoniously with the working space. But how to combine a living room with a bedroom? These are two different functional spaces: general and intimate. Today we give a number of practical tips to help you cope with this task.

How to Combine Bedroom and Living Room:  8 Tips

Tv as partition between bedroom and living room

TV as partition between bedroom and living room

Farther from the passage

It is preferable to place a bedroom by the window, away from the entrance door. So it will be more comfortable, and your guests will not go into the private area.


Two zones can be separated from each other by usual curtains. Search them according to the tones of the whole interior or curtains on the windows. They can be solid or light, bright or dark.

Partitions, screens

If possible, you can make different versions of partitions made of drywall, bamboo, translucent plastic or glass blocks.

In an interior executed in the Japanese style, you can use a divider, which can be closed completely. In order to avoid the effect of the aquarium glass use stained glass (with sandblast or toning).

By the way, a great assistant in solving this issue may become a screen. One or more units should be fine for the role of zoning elements.

Cabinets, shelves, racks

You can delimit the space between the two zones using wardrobes. So the wardrobe turns into the partition with a storage function. Try to use lean furniture.

Open high shelves are ideal as a partition. And besides, you will let more natural light in the living area.

Color and Light

If there is no need in walls, you can separate the bedroom from the living room using light and color. Put several light fixtures in the living room to make it lighter. Make separate switches for the bedroom for more ambient lighting. And make a visual separating effect with contrasting colors.

Podium and valance

You can designate the bedroom by podium. If desired, use a canopy to create an intimate atmosphere.


Headboard can serve as a barrier between the zones. Choose a model structure where the head is in the form of shelving, cabinets or shelves. Then there is no need even to have bedside tables.


Large TV can also be used as a partition. And if it is placed on the swinging arm, then you can see it not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom.

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  1. suzie torres
    September 22, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Awesome ideas. I am going to be a home owner and it is a small home. I will be removing a wall and open the living room with the bedroom.