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8 Old Skateboard Recycling Ideas

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Skateboard furniture is an entire direction in design right now. There are brands that cater to skateboarding fans and lovers of unique. But while they make amazing things out of old skateboard decks there a few ideas you can DIY.

Skateboard Recycling Ideas

Skateboard Stool

A skateboard stool or foot stool is one of the easier ideas. You have the top that you need to fix to the legs. You can combine an old stool with the board deck and see what happens.


Another relatively easy thing to make is a skateboard shelf. If you are advanced enough and have a few boards lying around, you can make an entire shelving out of them.


A lounge chair might be something of a challenge, especially the one that is similar to the classic Eames chair. But having your very modern sectional lounge chair might be very well worth the trouble, let alone cost way less.

Wall rack

The beauty of a skateboard deck is that it can be turned into almost anything including a coat rack.

Console table

A hallway/living room table for display objects doesn’t have to be too fancy. It can be creative instead.

Skateboard staircase

Also, comparing to all the modern staircases this one seems safe enough, not considering its cool skeletal look.


Making swings out of these boards is too easy. It’s hanging them that can make you sweat.

wall art

New skateboards usually have some colorful art on them but as the board is used and abused, it fades and scratches. You can repaint your old deck and use it as canvas for your inspiration. And then hang it on a wall.

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