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7 Ideas For A DIY Swing

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Swing is a perfect way to relax. It’s like a rocking chair, but levitating and taking you with it to moderate heights. There are so many ways to create a beautiful swing you won’t want to buy it. Besides, it’s such a creative way to personalize your home and reuse old dear things you cannot use, but also with which cannot part.


Pallet swing decorate with flowers

Floral decorations give these pallet swings some special charm

The first and obvious choice, pallets are great when it comes to easy DIY projects, no matter what you’re trying to build. One pallet is enough to make a gorgeous swing for house or outdoors.

Wooden Plank

Kitchen counter wooden plank swing

If you can’t find pallets, simple wooden planks will do nicely. They may not be as spacious, but you can find them anywhere and not worry as they aren’t usually contaminated with chemicals like some pallets.

Old Chair

Old chair swing

Another obvious choice is an old chair that is too good to toss and too old-fashioned to use. Such a chair can make a great outdoor swing like this one, for example.

Old Bench


A bench is a nice outdoor addition but swing is better. It’s more romantic and downright relaxing.



If you cannot fit a hammock into your room or you couldn’t find a way to hang it, may be hanging it swing-like can help solve both of these situations. You’ll need a bar and a rope to fix it and give it a chair-like shape.

Skate/Surf Board

Old skateboard

An old skate or surf board can be turned into swing. While the first one is practical as the skateboard decks are more susceptible to wear, a surf board will add that beach house coastal style to your room.



Give your swing a sophisticated back with an old bed headboard (and you can re-purpose an old door as a seat). There is nothing more beautiful than this vintage headboard swing.

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