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6 Tips for Storing Ironing Board and Dryer

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Certainly, many faced the problem, such as “what to do with an iron and an ironing board” or “how best to hang/put a dryer”. Let’s see how skillfully you can hide these household appliances and organize the space for drying washed clothes.

Where to Store Ironing Board and Dryer: 6 Tips

Retractable dryer

Retractable dryer

Behind a cupboard or behind the door

The easiest way to store standing dryers and ironing boards is behind a cupboard or behind the door. Modern ironing boards no longer weigh 10 kilos, as before, so they are easy to move from place to place as needed. Also they are thin enough to fit in the small gap between the wardrobe and the wall and strong enough to hold heavy things.

Built-in modules

Some wardrobes, as well as, kitchens, can be purchased with built-in, pull-out ironing boards or special cabinets designed to store them, as well as certain types of irons. This is very convenient and practical.

Retractable dryer

There are not too many options of dryers. There are only three types: sliding, hanging and folding.

Folding dryers are used from time to time after the wash. They take up space in an apartment and do not look aesthetically pleasing.

Suspended drying can be sliding and static. We want to tell you a little bit about sliding drawers. The most convenient retractable dryers are those that are hung in any area, which can be hidden by a curtain. Such dryer can be painted in the color of the wall, if you decide to hang it up, for example, in the bedroom. There are also options without sliding curtains, but with ropes.

Hanging cabinets

If you do not mind to place a dryer on the wall, you can buy a special cabinet, which is hung on the wall and perfectly stores all the accessories for ironing.

Ironing board on the wall

It is another simple way to store an ironing board at home. Organize a pretty hook somewhere in the house, pull a pretty flameproof fabric on the board and it turn into an interesting décor in the room.

Wooden ironing board in cabinet

If your apartment has a free area, you can put a cute cabinet, which already has a built-in ironing board, many small boxes, for example, for buttons, thread, needles and other accessories for garment care.

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