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5 Ways To Update Old Sofa

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A sofa is an expensive piece of furniture and you shouldn’t skimp on it too much, since you want it to serve at least a few years before you move, remodel, or refurnish. When you’re on a budget and have to work with less, you can update an old cushion and give it second life.

Modern Sofa

Refill Cushions

Many sofas lose their appearance once the cushions begin to crease and lump. Most modern cushions consist of zipper covers and filling. Changing or adding more filling can help cushions retain their shape and give your sofa a new fresh look.

Buy Throw

Refilling will work for most used modern sofas, but if the upholstery that upsets your sense of aesthetics but reupholstery job is not in the cards, a simple throw can change things immediately giving your old sofa a fresh look.

Use Slipcover

A slipcover can give your couch an entirey different look for less. It’s going to take a bit of figuring out the fit but it’s a great way to fit your old sofa into new decor.


New Pillowcases

New pillowcases can update your sofa look without any actual work. This is a great update idea if you have a relatively new sofa with minimal appearance problems and it suits your color scheme.

Paint it

Painting uholstered furniture is a recent trend among decorators. It’s cheap and easy to DIY, just remember that it may not be an ideal solution. It is a budget solution. Painting your upholstered furniture will make it rougher but people who used this method found that sanding the oiece before the last coat softens the fabric a bit and it might not feel too crunchy and scratchy to the touch.

Sofa painting

Image via DesignSponge

Here is a great detailed tutorial on how to paint your sofa from Kristi of Addicted2Decorating.

How would you update your old sofa? Or if you have an experience of doing it, you’re more than welcome to share.

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