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5 Ways To Give Your Furniture Expensive Look

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Furniture is the filling of your house and the major part of your decor, so it’s got to be beautiful and stylish. There are many ways to make existing furniture look better, prettier, and flat out costlier.

Expensive Furniture Makeover

Marble tabletop

Marble Effect

Its so easy to turn any tabletop in the house into a luxurious marble surface with quality marble effect contact paper. Easy, cheap, and yet the results can be stunning.

Mettalic knobs

Metallic Finish

Mstallic finish or accents can give your old table or dresser a much needed facelift all the while making it look much more expensive.

Matte paint

Matte Finish

Matte finish can look very glamorous especially when put in contrast with reflective or glossy surfaces. Paint your bathroom vanity a rich matte cllor and you’ll see.

Painted cabinet

Colored Paint

Colored paint can many a time make dull woden furniture look more modern, interesting, and expensive. The paints may accentuate certain details of the poece that otherwise go unnoticed.


Stylish Prints

Stylish modern printed upholstery is another great way to tranform your furniture. The key to rich falamboyant furniture here is to choose the right prints for your decor and go for quality upholstery.

These are all realtively cheap and can be used on furniture of any type and style.

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