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5 Ideas of Zoning Kitchen and Living Room

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The decision to merge a living room with a kitchen can not be called bad – it is very original and hospitable. But this solution has its drawbacks: Offering all cooking processes, you can forget about any festive atmosphere in case of holiday feasts (when your guests see the appliances and dirty dishes in the sink). This can be avoided with proper zoning of the kitchen and living areas.

5 Ideas of How to Divide Kitchen and Living Areas

Zoning with folding doors

Zoning with folding doors

Doorways and dividers

Divide the living room and kitchen in the traditional way – make an open doorway or a partition. The degree of separation of one room from another will depend on the width of the doorway. So, if you want to totally separate the living room from the working kitchen area, then just set a standard doorway. “Middle ground” can be wide arched openings. Vertical partition separating the kitchen from the eyes of the guests must be at least 60 inches.

Folding doors

It is very comfortable to zone space with sliding doors. And unlike swing models, they are more convenient to use (do not require additional space). Moreover, the design of the sliding door allows hiding a certain area of ​​the kitchen, which is important in some cases.

Dining table

It is not news that zoning between a kitchen and a living room can be done by means of furniture. Generally, the separation of zones with furniture is almost the classic approach. So, if you have no desire or ability to work on the installation of sliding doors or walling, you can share a studio space with a dining table that will serve as a soft transition: it will turn the kitchen into the dining room and the dining room – into the living room.

Bar counter

In the youth studio a very good solution for zoning of a kitchen and a living room can become a high bar counter. It can be used for cocktails with friends; a cup of coffee with a loved one in the morning; or even a romantic dinner, if you want.

Kitchen “island”

Kitchen furniture is also perfect for separating the living room from the cooking area. But this option is for those who know how to cook skillfully: you can arrange a culinary presentation to the guests, and then together to eat the cooked delicacies.

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