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3 Ways To Transform Your Dining Chairs Without Paint

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As furniture wears down a new coat of lacquer or paint can difenitely make it look like brand new but what if your classic dining chairs are just as classy and sturdy as oak and you don’t want to ruin their original look all the while changing it? Here are three ways to do it without paint or lacquer.

Transform Your Dining Chairs Without Paint

Slip covers

Slip Cover

A slip cover is an ideal way to change the look of any chair at any time. And it shouldn’t be that blank white not-so-stylish slip cover. You can make it yourself out of any fabric. It’s cheap and relatively easy to make. Slip them on when you change seasonal decor and take them off if you want the classic look back. Besides slip covers are ideal when it comes to protecting chairs from stains, scratches, and other damage.

Chair cushions


Adding cushions to wooden dining chairs will do great not only in terms of comfort but also in terms of decor. Upholstery does wonders to furniture look and style. You can also change it as frequiently as you want. This will require quite a bit of work but it’s definitely worth it. Make sure to choose the colors that will work with your original chairs so you don’t have to paint them.

Chair throws


If you don’t want to do it that drastically but want to add some softness to your chairs’ seats then go for knitted or fur throws, depending on what your interior style will allow. These make the dining area instantly cozy and welcoming. Throws, especially those made of fur would require some extra care if there are kids in the house but they certainly will transform the look of your entire dining room, that’s for sure.

When it’s holiday time or some event at your house you can use various fabric pieces to create additional decor for your chairs.

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