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3 Original Ways of Egg Decorating for Easter

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One of the most essential crafts for Easter is of course egg decorating! However, there are millions of different ways and no one can tell you what is the exact one. We have compiled top most original ways of egg decorating for Easter.

Decorating Eggs in 3 Awesome Ways

egg dyeing

1. Tissue Paper Method

For this project you will need to have paper punches, tissue paper, eggs and tweezers. The eggs should be boiled first, and this is the rule for every project. So, what you need to do is cut the little egg decorations out of a tissue paper with the paper punches. Then the decorations need to be applied while they are wet, so you will also need some water.

Be careful and use tweezers to transfer the little decoratings to the egg shell, because the dye will transfer immediately. Once the little decorations are dry they are ready to be removed. You see the idea here, is that the color from the tissue paper will be transferred to the egg in the shapes of the cut out decorations. Of course you can try using tissue paper after you dye eggs with traditional food coloring. DIY project is presented via Squerelly Minds.

2. Washi Tape Method

egg dyeing

So, apparently, you will need to have washi tape of different colors, scissors and eggs of course. This is a rather simple project, that doesn’t require the conventional dying process. You will just have to cut out different decorative shapes out of washi tape. Make sure that you use different patterns, as well. Of course you can try decorating with washi tape once you dye eggs as well. The project idea is presented via Lovely Indeed.

3. Paper Towel Method

Now this is a hardcore dyeing method, but with an original twist. You will need some food coloring, paper towels, vinegar, a spray bottle, plastic bags and rubber bands. Now, spray some food coloring onto the paper towels, and then put a few teaspoons of vinegar into the spray bottle with water and spread the mixture over the paper towel with dye on it.

egg dyeing

Place an egg into the middle of the paper towel and gather the towel around the egg, securing it with a rubber band. Now you just have to wait till the dye will transfer onto the egg shell. The longer you wait, the brighter the colors will be. Don’t you just love the universe-like patterns? By the way, the idea is originally from Funathome withkids.


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