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25 Pallet Projects to Help You Make Something Out of Nothing

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Pallets are amazingly versatile. You can stack them, link them, dismantle them and do all kinds of things that can end up replacing your old furniture and even whole chunks of exterior like patio. They are cheap and often even free and you can upcycle them into almost anything.

25 Pallet Project Ideas

Pallet accessory stand

Pallet accessory stand

Where To Get Them

Pallets can be obtained from any business that uses them. They will likely be for free as well so you can actually save on your pallet project. The best places to get them from is where they use pallets for transporting packaged goods rather than fresh produce. This maximizes your chances to get the cleanest pallets possible. Internet is another option but inspecting those pallets carefully should be a priority. Make sure there’s no stains or mold and if you are going to dismantle them watch out for nails.

How To Prepare Pallets

Pallets are generally safe to use if they bear IPPC logo, which means they are up to the standard that requires that a material isn’t made of diseased wood or house invasive insects. There are also other markings to look for like DB (debarked), HT (heat-treated), and EPAL (European Pallet Association Logo; EUR is the old logo, which means the pallets no longer fit the standards). These indicate that the pallets are likely to be safe to use. Pallets treated with chemicals like Methyl Bromide (marked MB) should be avoided along with colored pallets.

Before using a stamped pallet though be sure to check it for spillage and any kind of residue that might have been caused by its use. You could treat such pallets with soapy water and bleach but it is not recommended to use pallets that have visible residue.

How To Stain/Age Them

It is easy to age wood with a mixture of steel wool and vinegar. Let it sit for a night and when the steel wool is melted you’re ready to go. You can also age them by putting irregular dents in them with a hammer or pry bar. If you want something more eye catchy though use paint.

Now there are tons of things you can make out of your safe new pallets. It can be furniture like seats, chairs, sofas, tables, shelves, beds or other decor elements like floors, wall panels, doors, and, of course, outdoor elements like patio, seating area, and planters.

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