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25 Fall Wreath Ideas

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With the first days of fall coming, here is a delightfull way to greet it: make your own DIY Fall Wreath. This post will present to you an amazing lot of fall wreath ideas!

Autumn wreath designs

With the first days of semptember, it is time to decorate your house with an appropriate seasonal decor, starting with the wreath! Wreath on the front door is an excellent way to greet not only the change of seasons, but also to show your hospitality to passersby and guests. And of course it is also a great way to express your creativity and excitement for a new season.

Autumn is a special time of the year, with the leaves of millions different shades of yellow, with the ripening of fruits and vegetables, with the last days of warmth. In order to create a wreath, you would need to decide on the materials. Do you want to use ribbons, leaves, cones, flowers, mistletoe, faux pumpkins?! As you can see later, just about anything could be used in creating a autumn door decoration.
Here is an idea of creating a simple, but beautiful fall wreath out of ribbons and a wire hanger. Instead of ribbons you also can you any types of fabric, just make sure to use appropriate colors! Now, the wire hanger is to be made into circle, so little fabric pieces can be put around it.
Another simple idea of creating a bit different kind of wreath. You would need straw wreath form, different types of fabric with coordinating colors, reminding you of autumn. Now the idea is to enfold the wreath form with little pieces of fabric of different types. Start with folding the fabric into two, it should be a small piece, which be enough to be put around the wreath form. Once you are finished, you can pick some special ornaments: faux vegetables, little owl toy, felt leaves, flowers?

Now finally, the most classic of them all is the traditional leaf wreath. You can use either the wire base, or other wreath base, depending on your materials. The other part is in picking up your leaves, or perhaps buying them. Now when you have the ingridients, you need attach the leaves to the wreath. If you have the wire base you will need to string the leaves to the wire, if you used foam one, you can attach the leaves with hot glue. After you are done, prepare a fancy colored ribbon to hang the wreath, and it is done!

Fall Wreath Inspiration

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  1. Erin
    September 12, 2012 at 12:47 am

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! I attempted to copy your orange yarn wreath, with the purple, and I ran into a problem and was wondering if you could help. I found at the end that my yarn looked worn and frizzy already, which I know is from when I got tangled up in it a couple times. Is there a way to fix it?? Should I just cover it with some new yarn? How much yarn did you use? Thank you!

  2. Strega
    September 12, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Dear Erin!
    I think the best idea is to cover up the frizzy yarn with some new yarn. Generally you might need one or two balls of yarn, depending on your wreath size.