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15 Nightstand Alternatives And DIYs

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If there is any one easy furniture piece to make it’s a nightstand. And you don’t actually have to make it. You just need an idea. Here are some amazing DIY alternative nightstand ideas you’ll love.

DIY Alternatives Nightstands

Trunk nighstand

Trunk as a nighstand can hold your second bedding set

There are so many things that could be used for something else instead of lying around your storage or garage gathering dust. A nighstand is handy and convenient when you don’t want to get out of bed to put stuff back in its place. And you can always have that midnight glass of water right there. So putting two together shouldn’t be much of a hassle unless you’re building it from scratch. But if you’ve been living in your house long enough chances are you won’t need to.

Take old suitcases, for example, they are great at holding form and can be easily stacked to make a table or a nightstand. Other great potential nighstands are an old or unused toolbox, ladder, pet bed, trunk, or a tree stump. The latter will add a touch of nature to your decor.

STacked magazines as nighstand

If you like an easy read before bed, this might be your ideal nighstand

If you are a simple person and like your DIYs easy then a pair of chairs or a stacked pile of magazines may be just what you need. Getting old wastepaper to use is always great especially when you can’t or don’t want to recycle it the old-fashioned way.

More complex and intricate nighstands involve all kinds of construction skills and fixtures. But if you want something truly unique we love the hanging floating nightstands/tables as they add special flair to the room. Look for some more inspirational ideas in the gallery below.

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