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10 Things To Turn Into Pet Beds

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Pets are lovely. They can always give you company and they little in return. Of course they also require some sense of responsibility from you but it’s totally worth it. So here are a few ideas on how to make your pet happy and comfortable and show them some care and love.

Things To Make Into Pet Beds

Suitcase pet bed


A modern suitcase is quite a different beast than it used to be back in the day. The old suitcases make great drawers for storage so they make great pet beds. You can also make two beds out of one old suitcase. All you simply need to do is to make a little mattress for your pet.

Old Drawers

Speaking of old drawers, these are great for pets too. They also require minimal effort to prep and voila, a pet bed is ready.


Another easy to make a pet bed source material is a pallet. It requires a bit more careful approach as these can be toxic or have visible nails sticking out so before making it your pet bed make sure they are safe to use.


TV or an old computer monitor are naturally great for this kind of stuff cause they’re boxy. Cats especially love to hide and disguise so such a pet bed would be ideal for them. The TV/monitor insides should be taken out, which can be a bit challenging but on the whole this is another easy-to-do project.

End table pet bed

End Table

An end table is practically a drawer with legs. Just flip it over, add a cushion and you have a pet bed.

Paper Bin

This one will make you sweat a little. A creative cylinder paper bin can be cut at the side to allow your pet through and a cushion or even two can make a two-storey bedding for your kitties.


As pallets any crates are quite versatile and can be used as furniture or for storage. As it so happens they also make great pet beds.


By now you probably think anything can be turned into a pet bed and you’re right. An old wine barrel or a vintage bucket can make for a great rustic style bed. Barrel pet beds can also be done in so many different ways thanks to their size and shape.

Barrel pet bed


Old tires can not only be turned into perfect coffee tables and poufs but they can also make for amazing pet beds!

Existing Furniture

There is always some piece of furniture that just doesn’t get too much traffic or has that empty space about it. The best way to utilize it, of course, would be to set up a pet bed there. It can be a bed drawer, a functioning end table, a desk, or even just a chair. My cat loves to sleep on my chair.

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