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10 Pallet Beds That Will Give IKEA Run For Their Money

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Pallets are great for making all kinds of stuff for home. From tables to chairs to wall panels and headboards, pallets are versatile and are easy to stack and build with. Now here are a few amazing beds that will give IKEA run for their money.

Pallet Beds You’d Want In Your Home

Pallet bed

Simple pallet platform bed

The beauty of pallet beds is that you can build them the way that suits your needs and preferences. You can tailor the pallet bed to store your clothes, shoes, or some other stuff that you’d like to hide from sight. You can build it high and low. It can be a big platform or a half platform. You can stack the pallets to create more storage space or create the desired elevation. We like the idea of putting lights into spare space between pallets.

If you need your bed to be more mobile you can attach wheels to it and if you want more foot space you can make a footrest a part of your bed frame. There is also no need for a brand new headboard. Pallets can also serve you to make either a conventional looking headboard or a storage unit or simply be used as wall panels.

To build a sturdy bed frame out of pallets you don’t even need to fix them together. Just select an arrangement you like, prep the pallets, and throw a good mattress on. You can also leave the pallets as they are if you like the rougher more rustic look. Of course, you can paint them and make a colorful bright bed frame to match your interior. But for that you’ll have to sand them first.

What kind of bed frame would you build out of pallets?

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