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10 Creative Coffee Table Alternatives

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Coffee tables come in various designs and price ranges. Some may cost hundreds of dollars but there are also quite a few stylish solutions that may cost next to nothing. Here are ten creative coffee tables that can be made of old junk, drifted wood and other items at hand.

Vintage Cable Spool

Add an industrial touch to your living room decor with a vintage cable spool. It can be used in different variations and make for a great round table top. It can also be painted or wrapped with the rope for an emphasized rustic feel.


Stacked books make for a solid table base. Find tabletop and voila a creative cofffe table’s ready. You can use anything from an old door or window to a piece of drifted wood and a regular tray.

Industrial Cart

An industrial cart is a sure way to add a creative touch to the living room design. The wheels add modibility to the coffee table which is great for small-spaced rooms.


Stacked repainted suitcases make for an interesting coffee table with addition storage space. Make the suitcase coffee table more stable by storing small things inside of it. It can be equiped with legs to elevate it from the ground as well.


Driftwood and scrapped wood pieces like barn doors, window frames and simple wooden pieces are commonly used as tabletops. The base can be taken from an old broken coffee table or made of bricks, pallets and books.


Trunks are cool. They look great, add a vintage feel to the room and can be used for hidden storage. Besides they come in various sizes and can also be used as side tables. Repaint and redecorate an old trunk to fit with your room design.


Crates and pallets are a great building material so a coffee table is not the only thing that can be constructed with use of crates. Stack a few crates or pallets to get the size you need. You can fix a glass tabletop to the wooden crate base to achieve a more polished look.


A big steel bucket can make for a great coffee table base. It is also easy to move around thanks to the handles. Eliminate clutter by storing things inside the bucket. To make it easier to access them use a retractable tabletop. To get a more polished look cover with tablecloth.


Backless benches are surfaces too so why not use one as a coffee table? It may be narrow but it might have a pretty design that will add charm to your room design. A great addition to a shabby living room.


A big basket is another storage-friendly coffee table option. It will perfectly fit the country, cottage or coastal decor. Store all the little but necessary things that clutter the room inside the basket and use a tray to provide a smoother surface for cups and other tableware.


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  1. antonita
    August 9, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Very Exiciting ideas…Looking great with simple accent..Good for sharing ideas like this..keep them coming…