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Zoo on Bookshelves

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It is believed that the size of the library is directly proportional to its owner’s Intellect. Unfortunately, a large library is not only an indicator of your intelligence, but also dust control, lack of space and clutter on the shelves.

Funny Delimiters for Books

Delimiters for books by Hiroshi Sasagawa

Delimiters for books by Hiroshi Sasagawa 

The larger the library the more difficult it is to gain knowledge, because you have to find a certain book among thousands of other books. The only way is to use delimiters. Of course, we do not mean themed alphabet cards. It is enough just to divide the books visually.

Delimiters for books are quite a rare thing. How are they used?

• They may be bookmarked in the place where the book was taken.

• They serve as markers for people with large book stores. So it is easier to find the right book.

• They divide a shelf on subdivisions, you can create book collections by themes.

• They can amuse the hosts and their guests.

The idea of ​​the artist Hiroshi Sasagawa will satisfy those who like the order in a bookcase/library. Delimiters in the form of animals’ silhouettes are not only great for grouping books or magazines, but also add visual interest and attractiveness to your bookshelves.

Each figure shows in 2 parts: front view and rear view. Because of this, animals behave quite freely: peep or, conversely, hide in books, showing the tail. In addition, it’s very functional, when each animal “lives” in a certain section. You can create a zoo in your bookcase. Children with enjoy helping you with that.

Delimiters for books by Hiroshi Sasagawa

Delimiters for books by Hiroshi Sasagawa 

They are not just beautiful, but also very functional: with the help of delimiters you easily restrict certain groups of books and create subgroups. Funny animals will decorate the interior of your library, and the bookshelves will not spoil the carefree atmosphere of the kid’s room. Delimiters for books in the form of animals are also great gifts for book readers.

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