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Your Style of Interior Design

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Everyone who is engaged in renovation of his own apartment faces a difficult choice. Modern or classic? Monochrome or slender diversity? Embeddedness and ergonomics?

5 Tricks and Tips to Choose Your Style of Interior Design

Cozy colorful living room

Cozy colorful living room

The selection process becomes especially relevant question. What do we do? Do we follow the fashion blindly, or look for something truly individual? Here are five tips that will help you describe the ideal image of the future interior, where a style and the personality will be combined in harmony.

Study your home

Try to ignore the all unnecessary details and to hear the story, which your apartment tells. Who is this stranger that wakes up every day, goes out and returns, spends time in the house? Highlight the things that you can not wait to leave: an old kitchen table, wallpaper in the hallway, chairs, etc. Similarly, select items of sentimental value. They will be the stylistic core of the future updated apartment.

Inspect the things

Many memorable things, now hiding on the mezzanine, can be used as decorations. Old family photographs, postcards, reproductions, which will play well, if we put them in a frame under glass.

Inspiration from outside

Close your eyes and think of a place where you would like to return. This may be a foreign city, friends’ home, happy teenage years. Flavors, textures, furniture, any detail that fits into the existing style of the interior can be recreated in your apartment.

Hobby as a style

Athletes and book lovers, film fans and cooks! Attributes of your hobbies will help create an ideal platform to showcase your passions! A home library, and stand with the award-winning, a wall beautifully designed with the help of paintings and photographs can claim the title of the main highlights of your home style.


Visualization of a dream house is maybe a banal recommendation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to allow yourself to dream up on your dream home without focusing on the budget. This will help you identify the key point of the renovation.

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