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“Wicker” Apartment in Paris

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When guests come up on Christian Astuguevieille’s old creaky elevator, which is barely rising to the seventh floor of this Haussmanian house near Place de la Concorde, they expect enfilade plan, high ceilings with moldings, herringbone parquet and view of the Eiffel Tower.

Christian Astuguevieille’s “Wicker” Apartment in Paris

Christian Astuguevieille’s apartment in Paris

Christian Astuguevieille’s apartment in Paris

They are right and wrong at the same time. All this takes place, but predictable Parisian classics became just an ideal frame for experiments of the host.

Christian settled here with his longtime partner about ten years ago. They bring containers of textiles, jewelry and paintings from each trip to Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, or Hawaii. Most of them stay in the workshop.

In his works, Christian never repeats ethnic motives literally. All chairs woven from thick twine, lamp in form of the Paleolithic Venuses and deliberately primitive drawings on the walls are skillful stylization, which became his trademark.

He is adored by the owner of Comme des Garçons Rei Kawakubo. Christian has been a visiting consultant of the Japanese brand for many years. An authoritative London’s art dealer Charles Saatchi never tires of calling him “the most honest eclectic of all living.”

Christian sleeps on the bed that he designed and laced by hands. In fact, the bed is just the tip of the iceberg. Christian also made his desk and chair.

He feels bad in plastic world of modern times. He is always happy to return home, as every little thing here has a handmade texture.

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