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‘Vivid Personality’ Of Gupta Apartment

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It is not a rare site in contemporary interior design to see an apartment with a personality. Well, apparently not in this example, as ZZ Architects have decorated an exquisite apartment in Mumbai, India using the inspiration from modern Indian art in contemporary design solutions .

Gupta Apartment Interior

Gupta Residence

Inside Of Gupta Apartment

The owner of the Gupta apartment, a corporate leader, apparently didn’t want to see the classical golden luxury but went for sleek and contemporary styles for his interior. There are no bright red or gold colors that we are used to in Indian style decor, no incense burning or mini-shrines. The notion of India is seen only in breathtaking view over Mumbai. The apartment is located on the 31st floor of a ‘building in hi-end luxury premises and has a 360 degree view of the city below’.

Well, another thing that is reminiscent of Indian heritage is the contemporary art and sculptures placed strategically throughout the apartment. Needless to say, that these pieces of art are mostly the sole sources of bright hues in the apartment. Everything seems rather formal and refined, leaving very little space for creativity. There is no place for ‘vivid personality’, and what is mistaken for personality is actually splashes of strategically placed artworks.

In defense of the ‘vivid personality’ of the apartment it must be said that the apartment has lots of designer furnishings. There are Sawaya Moroni seating with a backdrop of the Last Supper with South Indian Kathakalis photographed by Vivek Vilasini; then there is the ‘Dabbawala’ sculpture by Velay Shende that is also a focal point. Meanwhile, the hallway is finished in braised leather white Italian marble. Another incredible piece is a bench by Poliform and the flooring in Bianco Neve.

What is really good about this apartment – the abundance of really good textures. The streamline furniture offers maximum of comfort and tactile pleasures to those who choose to relax on it. Another thing about this apartment is that there are some unique furnishing solutions, like a very peculiar side table probably used as working space. So, do you think that the apartment lacks personality, or on the contrary is full of it?

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