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Making Small Bathrooms Appear Wider

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Not all of us are the lucky owners of the luxurious homes with five bedrooms and various bathrooms. Some of us have just few of bathrooms, and even those are quite small. But there are certain tricks on visually enlarging the enclosed spaces of the small bathrooms, so we are going to explore how to make small bathrooms appear wider.

Tips On Visually Expanding Bathrooms

Visually Enlarging Small Bathrooms

Dramatic Small Bathroom By Melissa Miranda

Go Dark

If your bathroom is small, yet it has a lot of natural illumination – dare going for dark colors. However, instead of making the interior look entirely black, decorate it with patterned wallpaper with white trees, like in the picture above in the bathroom decorated by Melissa Miranda, where she used “Woods” wallpaper from Cole & Sons.

Use Mirrors

Don’t forget to use mirrors in the small bathrooms. The mirrors reflect the existing light and share it across the walls. Glass can also do this trick, so perhaps you could have a glass shower stall, reflecting the light in the small bathroom.

Play With Shapes

Adding a pedestal to the sink creates an illusion of an extra space underneath it. Another shape that will make your small bathroom look a little bit bigger is a floating vanity table.

Small Bathroom

Bathroom By Shirry Dolgin

Height Matters

If the width is limited, height is going to save the situation. Try to emphasize the height of the bathroom by adding some accent tiles to the walls that would go all the way up to ceiling.

Be Posh

Always wanted to try out the damask wallpaper, but it is too expensive? Well, the advantage of the small bathroom is that you need fewer materials for decorating it, so you can be as glamorous as you wanted. The incredible marble sink and damask wallpaper make the bathroom appear very pompous. Smaller spaces are also intended for experimenting with bolder details and furnishings.

Have Fun

While you will be observing all of the mentioned above tips, it is essential to have fun when decorating your small bathroom. It needs to feel comfortable, so perhaps you might want to go with earthly colors.

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