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Vintage Interior Design Ideas

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Vintage interior design is for those folks that like their homes looking cozy and retro, so if you are one of them, stick around. This post will help you with the most interesting vintage interior design ideas.


Vintage décor ideas

Vintage interior design refers to a WWII and post WWII era, the ‘40s – ‘50s of the XX century. You might be familiar with it, if you have grandparents or parents that live through that time. If you have encountered this in your childhood, then perhaps vintage interior design would spark the nostalgic mood. However, vintage interior design is not only that.

The vintage style is characterized by wooden textures mostly, with lots of different style mixtures. The surprising idea about vintage interior is that it is not chronological, the décor items can be of different times and places. Vintage look is foremost about creating the cozy and comfortable living area. Usually flea markets are full of these antique vintage things that would spark your creativity. This items are little, like lampshade, maybe other décor elements like mantle décor, however they constitute the style.

Other elements of vintage style include furniture. As you know, furniture designs varied across times and cultures. Perhaps you can’t obtain the original furniture from that era, but you can use the traditional classic wooden furniture sets that just can be distressed to look old. The distressed effect can be achieved by waxing the edges and corners. However it is not that easy, then you would need to paint the whole thing and sand it after it is dry over the waxed areas.

One of the most famous furniture items from that year is the glass fronted display case that can help in displaying your tableware collections and other collectibles. The chairs in their classical manifestations are also very welcomed. However most important is your color choice, it should be muted, with some flower variations, just not too bright. Vintage especially is good with lots of handmade fabrics and patterned wallpaper.


If you think hardcore vintage interior is too much for you, then perhaps you can combine it with some other styles, or even modern appliances. This is what Marie Olsson Nylander did in her interior design. She combined the contemporary laid back interior with amazing vintage furniture and décor pieces. She has included the distressed furniture with the contemporary appliances and mixed the different textures with colors to achieve a lovely interior design. So, if you consider creating a vintage looking interior, try your best at being nostalgic, you memories would guide you back.

Vintage Inspiration

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